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Educators: Students love these hunts! Use the search engines, web directories, and other tools here to introduce your class to sound Internet research techniques. Check out our other teacher resources as well!
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Internet Scavenger Hunt #9 Answers

Here are the answers to the ninth Internet Treasure Hunt, brought to you by WebLens Search Portal. For this and other Internet Scavenger Hunt questions, see the Hunt Index.

What does "a hui hou aku" mean in Hawaiian? "A hui hou aku" does, indeed, mean "good-bye." You had a giant clue here, in that I provided the fact that this quote was Hawaiian. Then all you had to do was locate a Hawaiian Dictionary. This dictionary is one of numerous online reference tools that have been discussed in this space in the past. You'll find an extensive list of them at OneLook Dictionaries.

What literary work begins with the line "The Nellie, a cruising yawl, swung to her anchor without a flutter of the sails, and was at rest"? Another easy one. The quote "The Nellie, a cruising yawl, swung to her anchor without a flutter of the sails, and was at rest" is from "The Heart of Darkness," by Joseph Conrad. Most people found the information by simply typing the sentence into a search engine. One or two consulted electronic text collections. One reader located a list of literary first lines that included the quote.

To what address would you write to subscribe to the ARTHRITIS-L mailing list? People submitted several different addresses for subscribing to the ARTHRITIS-L mailing list, but no-one tripped up - as I had expected - over the distinction between the subscription address and the address of the list itself. The correct answer is listproc@lists.missouri.edu.

What colour does the hex code "FF0000" specify? Another giveaway. In web page design, foreground and background colours are specified using six-digit hexadecimal codes rather than the RGB values we are more accustomed to. The code "ff0000" specifies the color red. This fact can be ascertained by consulting one of the numerous color conversion reference tools on the Net, such as the excellent resource at ColorCentre.

Who said, "I don't know what star quality is; but whatever it is, I've got it"? This question was a toughie. Frankly, I didn't expect anyone to answer it correctly, but one tenacious reader did correctly report that Katherine Hepburn said "I don't know what star quality is; but whatever it is, I've got it." There are numerous quotation servers online (particularly celebrity quotes) but our persistent cybersleuth found the answer in HotBot.

What does a palynologist do? It isn't in Hypertext Webster but it can be found in the Merriam Webster Dictionary. A simple web search will also easily confirm that a palynologist is "a person engaged in the branch of science concerned with the study of pollen, spores, and similar palynomorphs, living or fossil."

What area is associated with the 520 area code? This one was a little trickier than it looked. Several people reported, partially correctly, that the 520 area code applies to Arizona. More accurately, it applies to certain areas in Arizona that include the cities of Tucson, Flagstaff, and Yuma. To verify this for yourself, check out Research-It, a handy new unified search interface with everything from currency converters to a universal translator. A must for your bookmark list.

What do the letters in the name of the famous Yahoo! directory stand for? Another giveaway. The name of the famous directory, Yahoo, apparently stands for "Yet Another Hierarchically Organized (or Officious, depending upon which history you choose to believe) Oracle." That's the scoop, straight from the Yahoo site.

What company announced its first shipment of digital switches to Egypt online on September 30, 1997? This question was a real stumper. You could easily use up an entire month's Internet account trying to find out that it was Cyber Digital Inc. who announced its first shipment of digital switches to Egypt on September 30th, 1997. News servers such as Business Wire or PR News Wire can be helpful, but only if they are consulted within a few days of the appearance of an announcement. Otherwise, you can try Yahoo's headlines, which are searchable, retroactively, by date and industry.

Who came in first in the 1996 Final Nascar Winston Cup Series, and how much did he win? And finally, it was not difficult for most people to determine that Terry Labonte was the winner in the 1996 Final Nascar Winston Cup series. He took away $4,030,648 for his efforts. This information is straight from the horse's mouth - the Nascar web site.

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