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Educators: Students love these hunts! Use the search engines, web directories, and other tools here to introduce your class to sound Internet research techniques. Check out our other teacher resources as well!
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Internet Scavenger Hunt #7 Answers

Here are the answers to the seventh Internet Treasure Hunt, brought to you by WebLens Search Portal. For this and other Internet Scavenger Hunt questions, see the Hunt Index.

When and in which U.S. state was the tradename 'Microsoft' registered? (submitted by a reader.) According to the official Microsoft timeline, the Microsoft tradename was registered in New Mexico on November 26, 1976, a fact easily ascertained by searching on some combination of the words tradename and Microsoft.

What 16th century Flemish artist painted The Garden of Earthly Delights? Hieronymus Bosch was the 16th century Flemish artist who painted The Garden of Earthly Delights. Again, an answer easily obtained by searching on the name of the work plus, perhaps, the word artist. In Alta Vista, as in many search engines, you must put double quotation marks (" ") around this term to indicate that it is a phrase -- otherwise you'll end up with a lot of sites about gardening and various types of delights, likely ranging from the culinary to the pornographic.

What is the difference between cologne and after shave lotion? I thought this one would be the stumper, but very few got it wrong. There is a key difference between cologne and after shave, namely the amount of fragrance oil. Cologne is applied to the body's pulse points, rather than to the face, due to the fact that it contains a much higher concentration (4-8%) of fragrance oil than does after shave (1-3%) which is designed for direct facial application.

What is vexillology? This one was a freebie. Vexillology is, of course, the study of flags and all things to do with same. The term originates with the Latin word vexillum, used by the Romans to refer to a standard bearing fabric hung from a horizontal crossbar. Most people consulted a search engine to obtain this information; only two readers went directly to an online dictionary.

When did Helena Blavatsky die, and for what is she famous? This question was also a giveaway. A writer and occultist, Helena Blavatsky is best known as the founder of Theosophy, a philosophy based upon eastern mysticism. She died in 1891. Most searched on her name. You might add the word died to obtain the two pieces of information requested even more quickly.

What are the four original marshmallows in Lucky Charms cereal, and why are people upset? Amazing how much stuff is on the Net about this one! Most searched on the phrase "Lucky Charms" and correctly reported that the four original marshmallows in Lucky Charms cereal were pink hearts, orange stars, green clovers, and yellow moons. People are upset at General Mills' decision to remove the yellow moons. In fact, if you dig deeper, you'll find all kinds of discontent about the arbitrary alterations that have been made to this beloved breakfast food, and many other consumer products.

To what insect order does the Dragonfly belong? I gave you this one. Not one reader failed to correctly report that the Dragonfly belongs to the Odonata insect order. Most searched on the word dragonfly. Some also used the word insect, and a few cut even more directly to the answer by adding the word order to their search term.

What is the name of Chloris Leachman's character in Mel Brooks' Young Frankenstein? Another no-brainer. Everyone correctly ascertained that Chloris Leachman played housekeeper Frau Bluecher in Mel Brooks' hilarious comedy Young Frankenstein. Most searched on either the actor's name, or the name of the movie, or both. (If you used both terms, in Alta Vista your search would look like this: +"Chloris Leachman" +"Young Frankenstein.")

What Canadian sports team won the Mann cup in 1979? Another freebie. The Victoria Shamrocks lacrosse team won the Mann Cup in 1979, a fact easily unearthed by searching on the phrase "Mann Cup." Some readers evidently knew this was a lacrosse championship, as they used this word in their search term as well.

What three colours combine to form white on a computer screen? And finally, the three colours that combine to form white on a computer screen are, of course, red, green and blue. This proved a more difficult search for most, and the methods utilized to obtain the answer were quite creative. Some searched on the phrase "screen colour". A few added the word white. One resourceful individual even included the word FAQ, to dig out a Frequently Asked Question file on this topic.

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