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Educators: Students love these hunts! Use the search engines, web directories, and other tools here to introduce your class to sound Internet research techniques. Check out our other teacher resources as well!
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Internet Scavenger Hunt #5 (7 on the difficulty scale)

This Internet hunt is part of a series of Internet treasure hunts first published in the Times-Colonist newspaper. Please see the main online hunt index for background and a full list of Internet Hunts.

Use the Google search at the top of your screen under the WebLens logo to answer the questions below. Choose your keywords carefully. Don't just type the question into the form.

  1. According to the religion of ancient Egypt, this god had the head of an ibis and was the patron of scribes and writing. Who was he?
  2. What English mathematician calculated the value of Pi to 707 decimal places and published his results in 1873?
  3. What famed philosopher wrote, convictions are more dangerous enemies of truth than lies?
  4. To which phyllum of the animal kingdom do both crayfish and pillbugs belong?
  5. Who was the designer of Czechoslovakian Tatra T11 automobile, which was known as "the people's car"?
  6. Which Beatles song starts, Well, she was just seventeen .?
  7. What is the name of the imagemap graphic on the NHL web site?
  8. What does the Latin phrase non illegitimi te carborundum mean?
  9. What disease was known as the "Black Death" and when did it first make its appearance in England?
  10. What is clapshot?